The Bonne Femme Cookbook



Bonjour from the Cookbook Corner!  Today I want to share with you one of my very favorites: The Bonne Femme Cookbook ~ Simple, Splendid Food that French Women Cook Every Day, by Wini Moranville. This book is filled with recipes that put the “easy everyday French cooking” that she’s experienced at kitchen tables throughout France, at your fingertips.   It’s my go-to book for quick reference and for great recipes that are, well, simple and splendid.  And as a Cookbook Corner bonus, my generous friends at Quarto Cooks are providing three (yes, three!) copies for me to share with you!  C’est tres bon, non? (That’s French for “way cool!”) Read on for the details on the cookbook and how you can enter to win!


Dark Chocolate Coconut Rocky Road Ice Cream

Finished Product

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… especially on Rocky Road Ice Cream Day when it’s going to be over 100 degrees (again) here in the Central Valley. Ice cream sounds good for breakfast, lunch and dinner right now, for sure, and making your own ice cream at home is much easier than it used to be with the advent of electric ice cream makers, which means you can experiment with all kinds of flavor profiles and use the freshest ingredients and leave out ingredients you can’t pronounce.  That’s just what I did when I received some fresh coconut hearts and sliced coconut from my wonderfully generous friends at Melissa’s Produce, and I was rewarded with an ooey, gooey chocolatey bowl of deliciousness.


Feijoa Sorbet


Feijoa Sorbet 1

Summer is bearing down on California’s Central Valley like a freight train, with temperatures climbing to almost 100 this week. While this is fantastic for the area’s big farms and our home gardens (our vegetables are growing like crazy!), it can be a sticky situation for us humans…but I’ve got a lovely sorbet that’s going to help us beat that heat.


Farmers’ Market Fresh


Farmers’ markets are more popular than ever these days, and shopping at the downtown Visalia Farmers’ Market has quickly become one of our favorite weekly outings.  What’s not to love?  Gorgeous fresh produce, friendly and helpful vendors, the charming atmosphere of being on Main Street with live music from students at the Visalia Music School…it makes for a lovely late afternoon-early evening venture.


Good Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese


Grilled Cheese, Please!

Good old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches are high up on my list of comfort foods…you too?  I thought so.  I think they’re high up on a lot of people’s lists, because April is National Grilled Cheese Month…and today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.  I’m celebrating with a couple of my BBB’s (Best Blogging Buddies, that is) from Inland Empire Food Bloggers. As you’ll see from the sandwiches we’re sharing, grilled cheese sandwiches are a blank canvas for your palate: choose your bread, cheese(s), spreads and other add-ons to make your own ideal ooey-gooey version. No recipe required!