Your New Favorite Cookie Butter

GS Tagalong Cookie Butter & Quick Berry Jam 1

I freely admit that math has never been my best subject. Numbers and geometric shapes in all manner of theories and equations tend to make my eyes glaze over…unless I’m using them to bake. Then it becomes an entirely different story. Allow me to demonstrate ~ with help from my friends at the Girl Scouts Greater LA Council and Melissa’s Produce  ~ how, with a little Girl Scout Cookie math, 2 simple ingredients added together equal your new favorite cookie butter!


Chai Latte Shortbread Hearts

Cookies for Kids Cancer 1

Welcome to our second Food Bloggers’ Valentine’s Cookie Event, raising funds in support of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!  Once again, I am honored to be a #helpingcookie in the company of some wonderfully generous food bloggers who have not only made donations to the organization but are sharing delicious recipes created just for this event.  We are excited to share our treats ~ I’ve made Chai Latte Shortbread Hearts! ~ along with important information about the fight against pediatric cancer ~ and how you can help too.


Slow Cooker Chocolate Candies

Slow Cooker Chocolates 1

It’s February ~ that means the Valentine’s Day parade of sweets is about to begin! It’s also the time when you may find yourself perplexed by the age old question: “What kind of candy will I give?” For me, it goes without saying that Valentine’s gifts must involve chocolate. Of course, you can purchase your candy gifts – the National Retail Federation reports that Americans spent around $1.7 billion on candy for their Valentines in the last couple of years. It’s so much more fun, and easier than you think to make your own, and I’m sharing a great recipe with you in this month’s The Recipe Box in Direct magazine.


Lemon Blueberry Scones

Lemon Blueberry Scones 1

I’ve always loved winter, but I love it even more since we moved to the Central Valley and are guaranteed a multitude of days over 100 degrees from the late spring into September.  I don’t waste a moment breaking out my boots, sweaters, scarves and gloves as soon as I feel the first nip of fall in the air!  But I must confess it is lovely to bring a taste of spring sunshine into the kitchen on a cold, foggy morning, and brightly flavored Lemon Blueberry Scones are just the ticket.


Maple Nutty Pears

Maple Nutty Pears 1

Happy, happy 2018, y’all!  Well, here we are in January and here I sit, as I do at the beginning of every year, marveling at how the fall and holidays have just flown by (they always end too quickly, don’t they?).  But the new year brings a fresh start, a chance to refocus on our priorities and plans, and build upon what we’ve learned over the last 12 months.  I am beyond grateful for everything in my life – family, friends, good health,opportunities, and of course, you, dear readers! I hope you feel the same and are looking forward to many wonderful things in the coming year. Of course, health is one of our top priorities, and of course, food is a huge part of our health. All year long, we look to find ways to better nourish ourselves and those we love, and I’m super excited to share a new cookbook that is sure to get us off to a fantastic start. You’re going to be inspired by Sima’s Healthy Indulgence: 100 Revamped, Guilt-Free Recipes to Transform Your Life!